One-to-One Sessions

A Yothera one-on-one session consists of Jessica guiding the client to go inward and exploring their inner landscape. This is done using a unique blend of hypnotherapy techniques, breath work practices, embodied and psychology approaches, and is catered specifically to the client’s needs in ever session.

Jessica guides clients in an embodiment and dialogue process that is client-centered, open-ended and non-directive. This creates the opening for deep acceptance and awareness that facilitates a gentle release of underlying charged emotions or beliefs that have often manifested into chronic aches and pains as well as stress and anxiety in their life. Often past lives, Akashic records access, and other information from the client’s higher self will appear that was not in their conscious awareness until this time.

The individual is guided through an experience of him or herself in the present moment. And what ever happens in the present moment — physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually finds richness in relationship to the bigger picture of how that client is being in the world in daily life — work, play, family and relationships. The session concludes with the client speaking to what was most significant in their body, and how this bridges into their lives and what they might do with this new information.While a series of sessions are often most helpful, profound change has been know to occur in a single session.

Based on the information that shows up for the client, Jessica and the client then close the session with integration using writing, speaking techniques, and intention setting to ground their insights from the session into tangible, workable approaches in their everyday lives.


Embodied Therapy 4- week Course


This group is for you, if you feel drawn to the following:

1. Desire higher levels of Self Trust and Self Esteem

2. A Longing to Break Free from old emotional, mental, or physical patterns that are holding you back from your highest potential

3. Value Sovereignty instead of Codependency

4. Desire a better relationship with your body and intuition,

5. Wish to bring more of your Creative Self and Flow into your own personal work

6. Want to break FREE of Fear and Scarcity, and embrace ABUNDANCE

7. Unlock your voice and confidently speak their Truth

8. Struggle with body pain, or recurrent health issues (ie: body hurts, inflammation, recurring injuries, chronic pain) and wish to have a different relationship with physical symptoms

9. Desire to set healthy boundaries in Love and all Relationships

10. Wish to establish a deeper connection to your own Intuition and deep Inner Wisdom

11. You are a professional healer, seeking a more connected community of integrative practitioners

A Yothera 4-Week group is for those looking for a supportive, embodied group experience. As part of Yothera’s values, we wish to bridge a holistic model of care and encourages the Integral and Holistic Medical Model. These courses are structured to be accessible for all healing professionals AND anyone interested in holistic healing, and bridging psychology and embodiment into their lives.

6 CEU’s are available for applicable professionals

professionals seeking continuing ed credits click here:

CEU Course Description

This course meets the CE requirements for Social Workers outlined in Rule 351, as well as Section 54-3202 Idaho Code (link below)

This course has also been approved through


Please read through the course description and inquire with your licensing board ahead of time.

Classes & Collabs


  • Jessica is passionate about brining Yothera classes, workshops and immersions to all different groups, and is available to schedule these in your space. Jessica is located in Boise, Idaho but is available to travel with advanced notice and accommodation arrangements ahead of time.

  • If you are interested in hosting a Yothera class, weekly group, weekend immersion, or one-time workshop, Jessica would love to hear from you!

    All requests for workshops and immersions must be done through the CONTACT page HERE.

  • Please include details about what you are wanting and possible dates, and Jessica will get back to you asap.