What Does Holistic Therapy Mean?

What is hiding in your subconscious, waiting to be seen?
What parts of you long to be acknowledged?
Who can you show all parts of yourself to, and they simply love you more?

Holistic Therapy means we don’t just work with what we “see” and “understand” with the logical mind. Through breathwork, psychology of shadow work, yoga therapy integration, and other embodied and creative therapeutic tools, we access what is under the surface. We encourage clients to go where they have not gone before, into their subconscious mind, and also into their body.  By accessing information stored in these deeper layers, we begin to see a more complete and whole version of ourselves, that has been hiding all along.

Holistic Therapy means we do not just use talk-therapy as a tool for transformation. We use body, mind, and spirit together to heal all parts of a person, and give you access to all parts of YOU.  

You are more then you even realize! Whole and complete already, just imagine what transformations can happen when we bring what’s hiding into the light.