Life Has Handed Me Grace

I am always pleasantly surprised at the way life hands me lessons.
Lately, if a certain word or concept stands out to me for a significant amount of time, it usually means there is a message for my life.

The word that has been shown to me over the past 2 weeks, is Grace.

This word has an edge to it at first, because of my religious upbringing. But once I see past my own wounding around it, a whole new meaning has emerged for me.

Grace, by definition, is "unmerited favor or goodness towards those who have no claim on, or reason to expect, divine favor."
It also means: "simple elegance, or refinement of movement."

Needless to say, I am in the process of giving myself Grace, as well as extending Grace to those around me. 
Grace, to me, is beginning to represent my personal Worthiness that I have rejected and pushed away in ways that have not been in my awareness before. Without realizing it, I have been in a life-long habit of rejecting my own Innocence, and Worthiness.

Embracing my worth, means letting go of unnecessary Guilt, and responsibility for other's feelings. It also means letting go of the Addiction of controlling what other people think of me.

I now commit to:

Release control of outcomes
Let go of saving people
Release chaotic and un-grounded energy that sabotages my life
Elevate others by first elevating my own energy

I now step into:

Positive Regard

pink speak.jpg

May Grace carry you to higher ground, and become your new
Personal Foundation