Liberation: New Year, New Soul Template

“I will not sacrifice my soul 
for all the beauty in this world.
There is only one thing which I would risk everything:
An “I-don’t-know-what”
that lies hidden in the heart of the mystery.
The taste of finite pleasure 
leads nowhere.
All it does is exhaust the appetite 
and ravage the palate.
But I would risk everything 
for an “I-don’t-know-what”
that lies hidden in the great mystery.”
~ St John of the Cross


In August of 2017, during the Eclipse, a change began to happen for me. I now can put into words that which I could not at the time: I began moving from "seeing" to perceiving. I began moving from matter-based seeing (limited to the 5 senses) to energy-based perception, giving me a whole new language of perceiving truth on a whole new level. I have been learning to symbolically translate where I am at in my journey, beyond logic and reason and the 5 senses.

In 2018 I continued this path of clairvoyance/clear-seeing, by confronting many shadow aspects of both myself and others, tearing down and liberating myself from false beliefs I have held my whole life. I began to recognize the illusion of the battlefield I was living in, and began making different, and very uncomfortable choices to move my path in a new direction.
I chose to follow this path of clairvoyance, and in doing so I was forced to adjust what I have always “seen” as “true.” I now respond to intuitive truth without having to re-shape it to fit “reason.”

Biggest lesson for 2018: Change is NOT reasonable.

Moving into 2019, I choose to make decisions based on the “whole” instead of the fragmented pieces of me. Moving forward requires letting go of every story I've told about myself, and every thing I've thought I was to be.
To go back and say “but I've always done this, or “this has always worked for me...” will never serve my highest potential towards growth. You must be able to imagine yourself as you've never seen yourself before. A new sense of liberation and potential that you've never seen. 
The biggest barrier to stepping forward is a lack of trust that the path will unfold for you. To require a clear path to be shown to you before you step, is a recipe for staying stuck.
I now choose to begin 2019 with a completely new soul template, a new story, and unwavering trust in myself.