Inner Authority

Think last year was "bad?"
Here's my opinion, for what it's worth.

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It was only a snapshot of the changes ahead. It was actually just a gentle warning that we all need to stop clinging, and begin letting go. It's time for some big karmic clearing, which is exactly what I received...and have surrendered to this intention moving forward. What needs to go must go, and we can swim in the emotions of the loss, or we can understand there is a higher and bigger intention for our lives that we may not see yet.

What had an illusion of "authority" or "power" over you? 
Where have you given away your internal authority, and allowed yourself to play small in life? 
What have you never questioned, that needs examining?


We can fight it or surrender to it...either way, change, in huge waves, is here for us.
We will continue to see these drastic shifts in the real world...not just internally. 
We will begin to see huge changes in corporations, big business, insurance companies, wall street, government, real estate, banks, and political parties. ALL of these, and other less obvious things that represent external authority, will be challenged and dis-mantled. 

Ready or not, false power will be revealed for what it really is, and we will begin to see what is behind the mask.

This new year in particular, is a time to get stronger...and to commit to your power in a whole new way.
Are you with me?