Be an Inspiration


I've always felt that being an entrepreneur has actually been the most spiritual path I have ever said yes to—without realizing that's what I was committing to at the time.  Over the past 8 years of private practice, the ups and downs, the evolution of Self also meant the evolution of my personal practice and business. My practice is a direct reflection of me, my personal values that I hold dear and close to my heart, and because of this I tend to attract just the right people who will greatly benefit from this work.  By fully owning who I am and being willing to be seen for it, I also allow those who are meant to work with me, to see me and resonate.

When an inspiration comes from the greater creative intelligence, or the universe, it's never about me. As bigger visions for expansion and growth for myself have come to light, that also means an expansion of the business.  One step at a time, this vision is growing and will be birthed in divine timing. Have you found a restlessness or worry in the waiting process of birthing your vision? If so, you're not alone. All big visions do not sprout the day after you plant the takes months, and often years, to see the results of your efforts.

I have found if we let inspiration be a direct message from intuition and source, that we can be a vessel for something greater then us to simply manifest through our devotion.  For the human channel of the idea, it's simply a matter of staying open and receptive (a feminine trait of which I am learning to relax into) instead of a “get it done” masculine energy, of which I am used to.

We can all be a vehicle for inspiration, but we must be willing to step out of the way and let source channel through us, for the greater good of humanity.  We must be willing to let go of what we thought we were meant for, to allow our true destiny to shine and be of service to the world.