Tantra as a way of Life

I've been deepening my study of what I like to call "Tantra as a way of Life," which includes being in the receptive mode to achieve my deepest desires.

What does being in the receptive mode actually mean?

My ego fights against that, because I often picture sitting around eating bonbons and waiting for something amazing to be handed to me. Of course, as I explored past this, I now see that being in the receptive mode simply means to continue navigating life's “to dos” but in a way that is not with your own agenda attached.  Continue to come back to worthiness, excitement, and the vibrational energy of pure JOY within your whole body—and life has a magical way of mirroring back to you, what you are resonating within.
My old way of "getting" what my ego thought I wanted, was to work harder, and "achieve" more...leaving me exhausted and unavailable to connect intimately to myself and others.  You can manipulate and twist and force life into “looking” abundant—but if you do not hold the vibration of abundance within your own structure, if you DO get what you want, you won't be able to keep it.

Shifting from "people pleasing" and over-committing has allowed a much more authentic version of ME to emerge, with new values, and new ways of relating and expressing my voice.

True tantra is living life in the mode of true connection, instead of working hard to force your own agenda.  Let go, and receive what the universe is just waiting to give you!