Why Try a Yothera Drop-In Group?


I believe all people have within them the capacity for their own healing. This inner-wisdom is often untapped gold that lies dormant if we do not know how to access it or have not learned that our bodies are a safe place and a refuge for us through the storms of life. So often I have seen the exact opposite. The body is seen as unsafe for various reasons of trauma and conditioning and an over-reliance on the mind, “logic,” and thoughts. As a licensed clinical social worker, as well as an Internationally Accredited Yoga Therapist, I bring both an Eastern and Western approach to mental health and embodied wellness. Your body holds the key to your deepest intuition and healing.

While I do individual sessions, many clients also choose to join the group process as a continued way to connect to the work, as well as find a safe community of like-minded individuals. As part of healing trauma, being witnessed in your experience in a non-judgmental and confidential way is imperative to finding resolution and meaning. Turn your pain into your purpose. See the bigger picture and feel connected instead of isolated. There are so many others who are longing to connect in the same ways that you are.

Many Yothera clients are attracted to this work as a vehicle for enhancing their personal growth and quality of life. Most are short-term clients who receive an average of 6-10 individual sessions, but many often return for further work when they feel the need. Most clients report that one yoga therapy session gave them more information than years of talk therapy. These groups are a wonderful way to check-in and stay connected to community and also to your body.

Contrary to popular belief (and misinformation about the word “yoga”) you do not have to be in good physical condition or have good body awareness/connection to benefit from Yothera. The mind/body/spirit benefits depends on the client’s willingness to be fully present to their experience, without judgement, moment-to-moment. Don’t let the word “yoga” scare you. Yoga simply means union. All levels of embodiment can invite deep, profound experiences and insights very quickly.

Yothera has helped with recovery from substance abuse, codependency, anxiety, depression, limiting beliefs of self, and releasing past trauma. This approach actively encourages clients to create and live a new life story, based on releasing the old and stepping into the new.

Our upcoming drop-in group classes are October 10th and 22nd from 6-8pm, and November 13th from 6-8pm. Each class is $25. Please contact Jess Maitri at jessmaitri@gmail.com to register.