Pro Edge Podcast: Alternative Therapy

My first podcast experience! I had a great time with Pro Edge Nutrition podcast, hosted by Conrad and Tim. I have been feeling deeply called to speak and use my voice to share the vision and rise of my business, Yothera. I am publicly stepping away from clinical/traditional talk therapy, and moving fully into non-traditional, embodied/somatic therapy approaches. In this podcast, we begin by talking about our experience at Burning Man, and then transition (about 45 mins in) to discussing my work and my beliefs around our broken system and how the mental health model needs to change. I am committed to bringing change to the way we view “mental” health, including completely doing away with this term, and begin to focus on overall functional neurology and optimal states of being.

My approach and views are edgy and definitely push the norms and societal expectations of a clinical social worker in private practice….but my experience in both the eastern and western approaches has brought me here for a reason. I accept my path as non-traditional and trust that those who resonate with this healing modality will find me and reach out.

I was invited back by Pro Edge to do another podcast specifically to take a deep dive into the work that I do. This will happen in the next month, so stay tuned. Subscribe to the Pro Edge podcast here and contact me anytime to learn more about Yoga Therapy.