Re-defining Freedom


What is your definition of Freedom?


The meaning of “freedom” for me has significantly changed over the past few years, and continues to grow and expand as I integrate new experiences in my life. I used to believe that freedom meant no responsibilities, lots of money, and doing what I wanted and how I wanted. However, life lessons have taught me that true freedom is far from this narrow definition. I find that the more free and abundant I become, the more responsible I am for what I do with this freedom and abundance. It’s a paradox—a duality of sorts, that keeps me in balance and accountable. I know I am free when I can stay in pure awareness of whatever is happening in each moment, and trust that something bigger then myself is in control.

I am free when I surrender to the wisdom of the universe, and let go of my narrow mind. I am free when I accept things exactly as they are, and make choices from a place of acceptance. I am free when I accept that I am one with everything, and others are a reflection of me. I am free when I recognize myself in everyone, and that by loving others, I am simply loving myself more. I am free when I hold no grudges, forgive, and live with an open heart. I am truly free when I am grateful for every experience that comes into my life—painful or joyful—opening more and more to sensations in my body and living with my heart wide open. THIS is true freedom—knowing I am strong enough and can survive and thrive through anything. Knowing I am no longer afraid of pain. Freedom is not being afraid of anything—including change, loss, and even death.

When have you experienced the sensations of true freedom in your body? Can you feel those sensations now, no matter what your outward circumstances are? If so, you have proof in your body that freedom is accessible at any time. I would love to show you how. Contact me to book a one on one session or sign up for a group class to experience this in your own body.