Don’t Let Them Take Your Innocence


No matter what horrific experiences you have endured so far in life, no one can keep you from choosing to live from your heart and make your own choices in love. No one can take away your free-spirited inner child, who believes in the good, plays, and trusts. Contrary to what you may feel, it is possible to shift from living in fear and re-connect to this place of innocence that is still alive within you. Your innocence can never be taken. It is a choice to stay in purity, and nothing keeps us from this birthright.

For the first 25 years of my life, I lived under layers of lies. Born and raised in dogmatic religion, I didn’t blink an eye to give away my personal authority. I was taught to not question, be easy-going, and not speak up when my intuition went against the masses. I have spent the past 8 years regaining my personal power, my voice, and helping others do the same.

Turn your pain into your purpose. You hold the keys to your freedom and your own healing. You are powerful and you have something to share that will benefit the world. Your body holds this intuition that may have been suppressed for various reasons, but I assure you, it is still alive and well and waiting for you to open the door. Yothera can help you access the wisdom that has always been there, but might have been buried under layers of traumatic experiences.

Ashes in the Sacred Fire

I am not the quiet maiden, waiting.

My longing lights the darkness with a flame that only you can quench.

I seek you now, in every corner

Run my trembling hand through knotted hair,

Feel the air against hot skin

repeat, like mantra.

Where are you now?

The burning in my body grows to meet you.

Take me quickly, lest the yearning

leave me dry and withered.

Let your holy fire meet mine

like lightning streaking through the night.

I would rather be reduced to ash

in blazing consummation

than wander wide-eyed,

the promise of our union

so much smoke

upon the wind.

The seed, the spark

The very heart of God is present in your longing.

Look no further for fulfillment

than the open door of your desire.

That is where divinity resides.

Only Truth can yearn for Truth

The proof of Presence lies

in the urge to return to your own center.

Ask, and find you are the answer.

Knock, and receive the mystery of all that is or was or ever will be.

Seek, and already you are found.

–Danna Faulds