Why is it so difficult to Speak our Truth at times?

Or even admit our deepest Truths to ourselves?
Recent experience has taught me that the deeper wound, underneath not speaking my truth, is a fear of not belonging.Marianne Wililamson famously wrote: "It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us." Ultimately, I think we are afraid of what it could mean to be authentically, 100% honest and seen in the truth of who we are.
Myself, as well as many clients and those around me, have expressed similar fears this time of year. Could it be that we are surrounded by the illusion of what things are "supposed to" look like this time of year? Added pressure to stay small, silent, and not make waves with those we love?
Nature is always calling us into greater gestures of bravery. And as we accept those invitations to BE with our personal edge, we lose the ability to shrink into falseness.
My personal practice, above ALL other practices right now, is to relinquish the immature desire to be taken care of, as an illusion of false belonging. I wish to parent my own originality.
Again and again, my dream demands leadership from myself, calling my life's vision forward into the world, step by vulnerable step.
May we all be brave, and step forward to be seen in the raw authenticity of who we truly are.


Tantra as a way of Life

I've been deepening my study of what I like to call "Tantra as a way of Life," which includes being in the receptive mode to achieve my deepest desires.

What does being in the receptive mode actually mean?

My ego fights against that, because I often picture sitting around eating bonbons and waiting for something amazing to be handed to me. Of course, as I explored past this, I now see that being in the receptive mode simply means to continue navigating life's “to dos” but in a way that is not with your own agenda attached.  Continue to come back to worthiness, excitement, and the vibrational energy of pure JOY within your whole body—and life has a magical way of mirroring back to you, what you are resonating within.
My old way of "getting" what my ego thought I wanted, was to work harder, and "achieve" more...leaving me exhausted and unavailable to connect intimately to myself and others.  You can manipulate and twist and force life into “looking” abundant—but if you do not hold the vibration of abundance within your own structure, if you DO get what you want, you won't be able to keep it.

Shifting from "people pleasing" and over-committing has allowed a much more authentic version of ME to emerge, with new values, and new ways of relating and expressing my voice.

True tantra is living life in the mode of true connection, instead of working hard to force your own agenda.  Let go, and receive what the universe is just waiting to give you!


Moving from Savior to Sovereign

The word "Sovereign" is being examined by many who wish to claim their power AND be in relationship at the same time.  To me, it means holding supreme power and authority over governing ones self. Fully embodying sovereignty means no longer looking to anyone or anything outside ourselves to feel whole and complete. We find pure satisfaction in our own presence, we feel connected to all of earth and humanity, simply by BEING. In true sovereignty, we do not act or DO out of a “need” state, but only act out of inspiration, love, and joy.

I like to think of "Sovereign Power" as a more complete description--because Sovereignty IS Power. It is the ability to give ourselves what we need, when we need it.
To step out of needing someone or something to make us "feel better."

To have "Sovereign Power" is to have power and personal authority that cannot be diminished or "checked" by anyone or anything. It is holding ourselves accountable for our emotions, lifestyle, as well as the outcomes for our choices.  Just like nations and states that claim sovereignty, this also means that WE have power over ourselves and are self-governing individuals--if we choose to accept it.

My highest value is Sovereignty and personal freedom. Having come from a life of unknowing codependency and unhealthy attachment patterns, my personal lived experience has assisted me in transforming the shadow aspect of healing, into personal sovereignty.  It is my heart-felt mission to be a guide to all that I work with, to embody their own sovereignty, power, and authority in order for them to move FROM SAVIOR to SOVEREIGN. By more of us focusing on our own selves, we inspire and show others also how to do the same.