What is Rise?


Rise is the platform on which Jessica stands, and invites all who work with her to join, as the values they embody in both work and personal life.

Rise is an invitation to all clients and professionals to join her in this process of person re- birth and inner transmutation. It is an invitation to become your own Lighthouse, shining your light at it’s highest potential, for others to find you.

Rise includes the following values:



Personal Truth

Trust in One Self

Unconditional Love


Childlike JOY



Embodying True Power



Personal Responsibility

Rise is the quality of YOUR LIGHT within, not the external modality or methods used in your professional work. It is not the “tools” or even your skills. It is your own inner light that begins to shine as a result of your inner transformation.

When you realize life is simply reflecting back to you what is inside of you, your WHOLE PERSPECTIVE changes


Rise is an invitation to embrace these values, to have a clear perspective of yourself, and others you serve.

Jessica uses the values of Rise as a foundation that weaves throughout Jessica’s embodied work with clients.

Jessica encourages experiential learning and focuses on heart-centered emotions and embracing creativity.