Suggested Flow of Your YotheraRise Journey

1) STEP ONE: Schedule your 45- min initial intake appointment, and fill out the intake paperwork

The process of filling out the intake paperwork will be a wonderful way to prep your mind and heart

for our first meeting. Our first meeting is a 45-minute zoom or in-person session, intended to answer

any questions, and help you navigate the best path forward together, based on your specific needs.

2) Commit to a package and/or a Group

If you are a new Yothera client, you can begin with the Yothera Introductory Package, or a Create your

Own Package.

If you are wanting a deeper mentorship, you might consider the Introductory Mentorship package, or

the Immersion Mentorship Package.

All sessions can either be completed in person or via zoom. Hours of availability vary based on inperson or zoom appointments.

3) Consider joining a Yothera Group

If you are local, a group is a wonderful way to connect deeper with other like-minded individuals.

You can join a group at any time, as long as your initial 45-minute intake appointment is completed.

You do not have to commit to a package to participate in groups.

Jessica will be offering opportunities to join a 4-week group with other professionals, wanting to bridge

psychology and embodiment/energy work.

Jessica also will be offering weekend immersions in Boise and other areas that may require travel.

Watch for opportunities to meet others to connect and support you on your journey!

4) Add ons to Yothera Groups

If you are currently enrolled in a 4-week Yothera group, you have the option of adding Individual

Yothera sessions at a discounted rate to your group purchase.

These add-on purchases must occur at time of group purchase.

5) After completing a Package or Group:

Once you have completed any package, you can then begin a new package, or you have the option of

booking “check in” sessions as needed. These options are listed on the booking page as “After Package”

Session options.

It is highly encouraged to continue working in packages or groups for a more supported experience.