my story

It is no coincidence that the same gesture represents Giving and Receiving….

The best gift you could ever give, or receive, is one’s own intimate story of truth.

Every person’s story is important to share, because it gives perspective to others on what your actual grounded life experience has been. It is one thing to intellectually “know” something, it is an entirely different wisdom to embody and come out the other side of an experience.

Sharing my story with you is important, because despite all of my formal trainings, it is most important for you to understand and know my heart. When working so intimately with a guide of any kind, I believe it is essential to know what lived life experiences have brought them to the position they stand today. So, here is my story, and how it applies to the birth and values of Yothera.

Chapter 1: Moving from Savior to Sovereign

My highest value is Sovereignty and personal freedom. Having come from a life of unknowing codependency and unhealthy attachment patterns, my personal lived experience has assisted me in transforming the shadow aspect of healing, into personal sovereignty.

What does Sovereignty mean?

To me, it means holding supreme power and authority over governing ones self. Fully embodying sovereignty means no longer looking to anyone or anything outside ourselves to feel whole and complete. We find pure satisfaction in our own presence, we feel connected to all of earth and humanity, simply by BEING. In true sovereignty, we do not act or DO out of a “need” state, but only act out of inspiration, love, and joy.

It is my heart-felt mission to be a guide to all that I work with, to embody their own sovereignty, power, and authority in order for them to move FROM SAVIOR to SOVEREIGN. By more of us focusing on our own selves, we inspire and show others also how to do the same.

Chapter 2: Breaking Free

I was born and raised in the LDS church, also known as “Mormon.” I will assume most of those reading this understand to some degree the effects of dogmatic religion, and it’s ability to mold and shape your inner dialogue/perspective in such a way that often hinders independent thinking and sovereignty.

After being married in the LDS temple at age 19, I continued my education at BYU and Boise State University. The culmination of my Masters program at Boise State, external circumstances, and possibly my quarter-life crisis point at age 25, I no longer could deny my disillusionment of keeping the faith. I then divorced, left the church, and proceeded to continue my healing journey and start a whole new life. With no road map, I began paving my own way forward. I started my private practice gradually and within the first year, I was full.

Life has a wonderful way of teaching us so much more then we could ever learn in school. My intimate experiences of breaking free from patriarchal and dogmatic structures continued, as I found myself assisting many others who were looking for assistance with this process. Many were leaving religion, marriages, or pushing past labels of assigned sexuality or orientation. My private therapy practice continued to be a great mirror for me of my own growth, based on the people who were showing up in my office. They all mirrored back to me my own progress, as I continued to refine my own roadmap in order to continue to assist them in freeing themselves.

I am so grateful for the lessons and contrast this experience gave me—for it showed me so clearly the direction I WANTED to go. Without such a strong contrast, the path forward would not be so crystal clear as it is for me at this time.

I now see that my religious upbringing was actually a training ground, for fast-tracking my ability to discern external vs. internal authority. Religion taught me the importance of ritual, rites of passage, and many other concepts of ancient wisdom that once the patriarchal structure was removed, was actually based in some essence of truth that I can now transform and use in my own personal Alchemy.

These experiences have been the perfect fuel for burning on my accelerated path forward.

Once I began my own journey of inner Alchemy and transmutation, others intuitively found me.

I believe that NOTHING is a waste of learning or effort. Every experience is priceless, as it offers us so much information for our path forward. In the case of religion, it offered me significant contrast to what my heart resonated with—which made the way forward even more clear. With great contrast, comes great clarity.

Religion gave me a foundation of shadow-spirituality, which I was able to use as fuel in creating my own spiritual practices that resonated with my sovereignty and my heart.

Chapter 3: Alchemy

As I have continued refining my own personal alchemical process, I began developing key patterns of transformation that applied to many I was working with. My own life became the practice ground, which then transferred intimately into my work with others. As I recognized my own patterns and dove even deeper into myself, I found that what I discovered was GOLD. The lessons were for myself, but were also universal patterns and archetypes I began seeing in my clients.

I value Alchemy as a sacred process, one that takes dedication and practice. As I commit to, and continues to practice alchemy, transmutation and transformation in my own life, these embodied skills can be applied to my work with clients.

In 2018-mid 2019, I fell into resonance with a soul-sister, fellow healer, entrepreneur and creator, and we took the next step in creating what we then called “The Rise Code Method.” Without knowing ahead of time what we were creating, but simply following the breadcrumbs every step of the way—we were able to clearly uncover the alchemical process as it relates to Psychology, Energy Healing, and Embodiment. The Rise Code Method has since been modified to fit Jessica’s personal style and a wonderful blend with her Yothera modality. She uses similar values that were co-created, and has transformed them into a process simply called RISE. Rise is a divine Freedom Template that assists us all in breaking free of this matrix-programming, so we can navigate and discern light from dark. It allows us to see with clarity, to make different choices that truly empower us.

It is a model that anyone can use in their own life, to shift their perspective, and finally move past old habits and thought patterns that have kept them stuck their whole lives.

Chapter 4: The Emergence of Holistic Therapy

For the first 4 years of my private practice, I was using the traditional diagnostic medical model, and traditional talk therapy methods to treat my clients. I gathered and practiced many helpful psychology tools in my course of my bachelors and masters, as well as my post-master’s 2-year clinical supervision work. I am grateful for this foundation, and like religion, it gave me direction for what wasn’t working or resonating with my soul. I was able to use my traditional western foundations, and transform and expand them on my journey towards more holistic practices.

As always, my work began with my own lived experience as a practice ground for what I wanted to bring into my therapy work.

I began my own personal yoga practice, which then transformed into becoming a 200-hour Anusara Yoga Teacher. From there, I continued my study of yoga through Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, a 500-hour international accredited yoga therapy program that assists mental health therapists in weaving psychology and embodiment into their work with clients. I became PRYT certified, and began incorporating both my yoga teaching and PRYT work into my therapy office.

Within this time period, I also discovered the use of Reiki, and became level 3 certified and began using therapeutic touch in my embodied sessions. My study of embodied practices, including sacred alchemy practices, tantric breathwork, and meditation techniques all became an integral part in my personal development as well as my professional work. I have been Level 3 certified through The Breath Center in California to facilitate both individual as well as group pranayama (also known as breathwork) sessions.

I am thankful for religion as a first step towards opening to the diving….and as I continued my path away from religion and into my own sovereign power and connection to spirit, I naturally began experiencing huge “awakening” experiences on my journey. These have been a combination of personal ceremonial work, group work, experiential healing and dedication to personal practices.

Since 2018, I have began to embrace, and no longer hide my clairvoyant, intuitive, and clairsentient empath abilities, which I now also weaves into my work with clients, when it is appropriate.

Chapter 5: Speaking & Writing Manifestation Practices

As part of my personal alchemy practice, I use daily written and spoken manifestation exercises. As the frequencies of our planet continue to rise, more and more sensitive humans will inevitably begin to feel their emotions even more strongly. We must learn to be the master of our our vibration, and frequency—which ultimately means mastering our emotions.

I believe all of life is a mirror-and true freedom and sovereignty is taking 100% responsibility for creating our own inner world in order to manifest the life we want. I am passionate about assisting others along a path that I have personally walked, and wish to continue to be a bridge for others—providing a path/guide to breaking free from confining and disempowering structures in your inner and outer life.

Chapter 6: Intimacy

A core value I hold is the practice of true intimacy. This includes moving from codependency to interdependence, and most importantly, moving from Savior to Sovereign.

True intimacy can occur when each person is taking full responsibility for their own feelings, responses, perspectives, emotions, and actions. Intimacy can not occur in any kind of limiting structure, such as unequal power, codependency, or other dysfunctional attachment styles. Intimacy is not from a place of need or lack, but pure abundance and self-sufficiency. When all beings are self-generating their own personal power, true intimacy call occur.

As part of my personal intimacy practice, I continue to show up fully and authentically as my human, non-guru, yet self-empowered guide without hiding any of the gifts I have been given to share on my journey.

Having broken free of many external authority systems such as religion, formal diagnostic/western models of health, traditional family dynamics, sexuality stereotypes, I am able to provide a roadmap for others wishing to expand their personal authenticity and step into being fully seen.

Many therapists and other professionals I have been in contact with struggle with the stigma around not having it “all together” or going through personal struggles openly. There is pressure to appear “professional” above all else, which can block a feeling of connection and humanity with others as well as their clients.

I am dedicated to providing therapists and professionals the opportunities to step into their own raw, intimate and vulnerable selves first, before giving them another “tool” to learn from the mind space and bypass embodying and breaking down their own barriers to intimacy first.

Also as part of intimacy work, is the recognition that sensuality and intimacy is not necessarily connected to sexuality. It has damaged our psychological wellbeing to separate and repress these, as it is also a repression of personal power. The creative power center in the body is the same area as sexuality, and a repression of this area due to abuse, shame, or other forms is an aspect of healing that I have worked intimately with both personally and professionally. I believe that the homosapien/body is the one that holds the power, because the chakra system is based in the body and holds the magic! Balancing the soul with the physical body is essential to healing.

I powerfully acknowledge that the physical body and sensuality/sexuality is our access portal to our

Freedom, Power, and Personal Authority

Chapter 7: Emotions and Heart

A primary value Jessica holds which extends into her Yothera work, is an encouragement to FEEL MORE. We spend the majority of our lives in our mind-space, often as a programming but also as a protection to not get hurt. Our resistance to deeply feeling emotions inhibits our ability to release and move past the emotions and patterns stuck in the body. The more we feel, the more we also let go, as we are able to transmute and alchemize these emotions into fuel for our highest healing. Many people are afraid to fully feel the depth of any emotion, for fear it will hurt them and they will never be able to “pull out” of it. Others do not know how to feel deeply WITHOUT staying stuck in the story of the emotion—both are an imbalance. The more we can practice feeling the sensation of our emotions without attaching a story to it, the easier it is to move through dense layers of story and old patterns.

WE CANNOT HEAL THROUGH THE MIND ALONE! This is the main issue with traditional therapy that is often over-looked. We must be willing to deeply feel the wisdom of our bodies, give it a voice, and re-write a new program/story in order to transcend old conditioning.

Jessica uses heart-coherence exercises, which connect us deeply with our heart-space, to balance the heart/mind connection for a balanced approach to life.

Chapter 8: Abuse of Power

The time of false “prophets” or “gurus” is coming to a close. If you haven’t felt it already, the fall of patriarchy and external authority structures is very present in our daily lives, and continues to crash all around us. I believe I have been initiated my whole life for this time in humanity, having navigated false illusions of power and authority the majority of my life. I believe it is my divine purpose here, now, to assist others in recognizing and navigating their own path to freedom from the abuse of false power.

My passion is to continue to empower therapists, healers, and ultimately humanity to continue to move into sovereignty, as a way to regain our personal power in work, family, and relationships. As we connect to the joyful inner child within all of us, this inner child is our ultimate freedom guide. They are the innocence that has never been lost, but has been covered by false power structures.

False power can also come from a false sense of sexuality, money, status, ego identity, or anything you give your power away to.

Many of my personal lessons around the mis-use of power, came both from the spiritual and the psychology fields. I stand by the value: “Physician Heal Thyself”—as all knowledge is really experiential. Without being willing to step into the experiences and feel the emotions, you will simply be bypassing the experience for head “knowledge” that does not fully heal.

I wish to help shift the perspective of “healer” or “therapist” or “teacher” from the one who has the answers, to the one who is actually walking beside the client—because they are willing to go there with you, as they have gone there themselves. They are not afraid of the darkness because they have learned to navigate the dark and have the perspective needed to guide. You can’t have what you’re not willing to become—and that includes the notion that you can only take clients as far as you’ve gone yourself.

We all need teachers—in fact, how did we learn to write, drive, etc? Of course we need teachers and leaders to show us the way. It’s the same with navigating growth and evolution—we were meant to pass on information to each other. But what many of us lack is discernment and embodied wisdom to truly make heart-based, resonant choices in who leads us.

Being willing to seek a teacher is the first step in the surrender process—that is why the integrity of so-called teachers and mentors is so important. This is exactly WHY the integrity of us, as proclaimed teachers and healers, is extremely important. The vulnerable state of our clients seeking help in a time of pain, is not to be taken for granted or advantage of. If you are a healer/teacher/therapist who has felt the abuse of power or given your trust to someone in your life who has taken advantage of that power, you’re not alone. Many of us lose trust in teachers who have our best interest at heart, because of the trauma they have personally endured, and may not believe these people exist. The problem with this, is that we remain isolated and distrusting, and ultimately more disconnected from our peers and social circles. We must learn to trust again.

After all, a therapist who does not participate on the other side of the chair as a client, ultimately does not bring a full perspective to the healing journey. We must stop the cycle of trying to avoid vulnerability with one another, and be willing to break down these walls that keep us separate.

While intellectual training is not wrong or bad in any way, I find our medical professions to be out of balance when it comes to true vulnerability.