Jessica is extremely passionate about co-creating and collaboration with other healing professionals that bridge all modalities of holistic healing. Anyone wanting to bridge and expand their knowledge of psychology and holistic practices in their personal and professional lives.

You’ll find Yothera personal mentorship options HERE

See below for more details on Mentorship and Professional Collaboration.


The Yothera mentorship program is for ANYONE, professionals and non-professionals, seeking to bring a balanced approach to psychology and embodiment into their lives. Mentorship programs provide the foundations needed to begin your own embodied healing first and foremost, and if you are a professional, this will naturally translate into your own work. There are several Yothera membership options, ranging from introductory to longer mentorship programs. These mentorships are intended to be a deep dive, as they allow you to create the space in your life needed for transformation. It is important for us to do our own personal work first, and find a supportive way to stay accountable to a process (Physician Heal Thyself). From this personal foundation, Jessica will assist you in weaving your own “flavor” and style of embodiment into your life.

The Yothera Mentorship model begins first with you committing to your own healing. As mentioned above, mentorships are for ANYONE, and as well as therapists or healthcare professionals who are in private practice, community organizations, or corporate settings of any kind that are in service to humanity would benefit from the Yothera mentorship model.

What Mentorship Includes:

Depending on which membership package you choose, a package consists of a varied number of the following services:

-Yothera embodied sessions catered to the client’s personal needs. These are deeply personal sessions that assist you in breaking down any personal barriers to showing up in an embodied way in your life. Learning how to really BE grounded in our bodies is key to staying balanced.

-Mentorship zoom check-in sessions between embodied sessions

-Resources and support to assist you in creating your own personal “flavor” of embodiment to your life.

-Assist you in creating your own personal practice at home that empowers you and provides the foundation necessary to support your personal and/or professional lives.

-If you are actively in a mentorship program with Jessica, there are collaboration options for your personal clients to receive discounted Yothera sessions, to catalyze your work and progress with them in your own practices. (See offerings on scheduling page)

Important Note:

A Yothera facilitator training model (to become a certified Yothera practitioner) is in the works—Stay tuned!

Until then, please respect that the Yothera modality is created and owned by Jessica Maitri, and all materials used in our work together must be credited.


Jessica is passionate about being a bridge for healers of all modalities to come together to create more connection instead of continued separation and competition. She is inspired to play a role in the Integrative Medical Model, where therapists, holistic healers, doctors, nutritionists, medical professionals, holistic coaches and intuitive practitioners can work together in collaboration.

Jessica is passionate about co-creating and collaborating with other traditional therapists and healers OF ALL MODALITIES to create a well-rounded approach to mental health and healing. She offers a variety of ways for mental health therapists as well as alternative healers to collaborate with her in their individual work with clients, to empower and catalyze their client’s progress.

As humanity continues to evolve, more and more people are asking and searching for a more integrated and holistic model of healing as part of their journey, and Jessica is committed to doing her part in bridging the gap between traditional therapy and other healing professions.

Worshops and Immersions

Jessica is passionate about bringing Yothera workshops and immersions to all different groups, and is available to schedule these immersions in your space. Jessica is located in Boise, Idaho but is available to travel with advanced notice and accommodation arrangements ahead of time.

Jessica loves co-creating with other professionals and healers! It is a passion of hers to bring together supportive healing modalities for community support. Jessica also assists in bringing like-minded professionals to New Moon Healing Center, a warm, inviting and therapeutic space in Boise where Jessica provides many of her services. She also enjoys visiting other host spaces!

  • All requests for workshops and immersions must be done through the CONTACT page HERE.

    Please include details/ideas about what you are wanting and possible dates, and Jessica will get back to you asap!