Does Jessica accept insurance or provide super-bills for self-reimbursement?

Jessica does not diagnose clients as part of her work, and therefore would not be able to provide a super bill or bill your insurance.  Both methods involve Jessica providing a DSM diagnostic code for the client, and abiding by a treatment plan, which is no longer part of the Jessica's Yothera model.  Jessica's services do qualify for most Health Savings Accounts, and it is up to the client to check with their HSA provider prior to services to see if these covered.           

Do Yothera groups count for CEU's?

For social workers, mental health therapists, marriage and family therapists and counselors, and psychologists, the Yothera 4-week group has been approved for 6 CEU hours.  It may also count for CEU's for other health-care related professions, but it is up to these professionals to check with their licensing board ahead of time to see if it meets requirements.  You can find the link for the course description on the Yothera website under “Groups and Classes” section. 

What does a Yothera Mentorship offer that is not included in other Yothera packages or sessions?

Yothera mentorships include education and materials on the Rise Codes, an alternative modality and perspective for mental health therapists and healers of all professions to navigate psychology and embodiment with themselves as well as their clients.  The Rise Codes are included in all mentorships, and these packages are specifically for those seeking an added perspective, outside of normal DSM diagnosing, in which to view themselves as well as those they work with. Jessica is NOT anti-diagnosing, and is simply providing a new perspective that professionals can add to their practice.

Yothera Mentorships encourage practitioners to explore their own embodiment journey, in order to find their own authentic techniques to bring embodiment into their work with clients.  Jessica encourages experiential learning and focuses on heart-centered emotions instead of another mind-based training.

What do longer Yothera sessions look like?

 The longer the Yothera session, the deeper the process can go to accessing your power and information to the subconscious.  Yothera sessions that are 120 and 180 minutes should be planned for in advance by giving enough time afterwards for personal rest and integration. Longer sessions often are done by zoom so that the client can be in their own personal space, and not have to drive anywhere afterwards.  However, it is an option to have these sessions at Jessica's office in Boise if you are local as well. 

Is Yothera for me if I am not a therapist or in the healing profession?

YES! Yothera is for anyone wanting to explore their own embodiment as a way to go deeper into their own self-knowing and therapeutic process.  Yothera is for anyone who wishes to blend both psychology, energy healing and embodiment in their personal healing process.

A suggested flow for you:

-Initial 45 minute intake session

-Beginners Package

-Once the beginner's package is complete, you can then purchase the “Create your own Package” to continue our work together. You can purchase this package multiple times.

Collaboration and Co-Creation

Jessica loves co-creating with other professionals and healers! It is a passion of hers to bring together supportive healing modalities for community support.  Jessica also assists in bringing like-minded professionals to New Moon Healing Center, a warm, inviting and therapeutic space in Boise where Jessica provides many of her services.  She also enjoys visiting other host spaces!

Please contact Jessica directly at jessmaitri@gmail.com or on the CONTACT page of the website with ideas and inquiries!