Jessica is

a Licensed Clinical Social Worker

a Certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist

a Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher / RYT 500

a Level 3 Trained Pranayama / Breathwork Practitioner

a Certified Reiki Master


Jessica is an Embodiment Guide, and considers herself simply a fellow journeyer on your own sovereign path towards personal freedom. Though formal trainings are not ultimately what empowers a person, it is important to share which formal trainings that she has completed on her journey forward as part of her own healing path. Jessica bridges Psychology and Embodiment practices to mental and wellness.

Jessica created Yothera to better serve her clients in a more holistic way that honored all parts of the person—as well as parts of her ever=transforming Self.

Yothera not only gives anyone in the healing profession a body/mind/spirit balance to their work, but it also allows mental health therapists to weave the body into their clinical work. She is passionate about being a bridge for healers of all modalities to come together to create more connection instead of continued separation and competition.

Jessica is extremely driven to play a vital role in the Integrative Medical Model, which more and more people are asking for, and searching for, as part of their healing journey.

“I believe that often our greatest pain is our most profound gift to share with the world. Yothera consists not only a culmination of my formal years of trainings, but most importantly, it is the physical manifestation of my own personal evolution and growth. It represents years of personal refinement, that will continue to evolve along with me.”

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