Jessica Maitri

Owner of Yothera


Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist


Tantric Breathwork Facilitator

As an LCSW (licensed clinical social worker) in private practice since 2010, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, and 500-hour yoga teacher, I bring both an Eastern and Western approach to mental health and embodied wellness.

My education bridges both body and mind therapeutic approaches, for deeper healing and better mental health. My approach weaves a dialogue processes between client and therapist, along with gentle, assisted body movements in a clinical and confidential setting. This releases trauma, heals emotional wounds, and re-wires old habits and beliefs that keep you from moving forward in life. I also offer traditional therapy sessions, or a combination of body-mind therapy sessions to create more options when working together.

Other approaches used in therapy include EMDR/EFT, and therapeutic writing techniques.

I offer both individual therapy and group therapy approaches.

My groups are 8-Week Yothera groups are for those looking for a supportive, embodied group experience. For the 8-week series, each week has a different theme (listed below). The process of guiding clients through their own inner world is the same as a one-on-one session, but without the assisted postures by the therapist, and within a group setting.

Clients have the freedom to explore their bodies and inner wisdom in a group, as well as process what happened for them in a safe, confidential and therapeutic setting. Being seen is an important part of healing trauma, and can provide another level of social healing and feeling a sense of belonging. Groups consist of no more than 8 clients at a time, to maintain intimacy and safety. Groups support individuals with learning how to live a purposeful and value-driven life, and has facilitated deeper friendships over time.

Weekly themes include: Befriending the Body, Awareness, Acceptance, Choice, Discernment, Truth, Truth in Action, and Flow.

These themes build on each other each week in a therapeutic way that begins to help the client explore their truths, and build trust in themselves to make lasting changes in their lives.

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The following are the most common symptoms I see that could benefit from individual or group work:

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  1. Low self-esteem

  2. Don’t trust themselves to make “correct” decisions

  3. Feel stuck in a way of life that isn’t working, and don’t know how to get out.

  4. Codependency in relationships

  5. Unhealthy body habits (over/under eating, self-harm behaviors)

  6. Depression

  7. Anxiety

  8. Difficulty speaking and owning their Truth

  9. Body pain, or re-current health issues (ie: body hurts, inflammation, recurring injuries, chronic pain)

  10. Lack of boundaries with themselves and with others